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Welcome! If you visit our website you love games and probably you are looking for full game or some cheats mod apk

game cheats

We are a group of people that like gaming. We have few YouTube channels with gameplays but we'd like to by anonymous. On this website we'd like to give you some games for free. More, we'd like to give you some clever cheats and tips including mod apk which allows you to generate many important resources in games.

Ok, so you can find many cracked games here for platforms like:

  • PC (Windows)
  • XBOX - mainly XBOX CODE which you simply use on your console
  • ANDROID - full games which are paid and emulated games which are on PC or XBOX. Especially modificated for running on ANDROID
  • iOS games- full games and mods

Where can you find this games?

Above this article you can find MENU, just click or tap it and you will se our categories. On of it is called 'download full games'. When you enter it you will see list of cracked games that you can download.

Where can you find cheats and mod apks?

They are also in the MENU called 'Use cheats and mod apk'. Here you can find list of cheats for games. Mostly they are online generators of resources, but of course every online generator contains mod apk ready to download on your device. You can run these generators from any device.


Ok, below you can read short 'step by step' tutorial, how to use cheats, generators and how to download games and mod apks.

Downloading Instructions

Learn how to download full games and mod apks


Download game you want to play or mod apk you want to use

Click/tap on the button, then make quick offer to get human verification and download file on you device.

It's necessarily because of bots. Imagine that thousands of bots are downloading games in the same time. Our serves could be broke very fast.


Run downloaded apk for android or game package (ZIP or ISO)

for mobile: If necessary allow to run unknown apps on your device

for PC: unzip package and run execute file or just run if it's not zipped


Every package contains all game or mod files

Be patient, it takes few minutes to download full game or mod apk with all files


Install and run the game or mod apk

After downloading you can run the game or mod apk. Read README file, sometimes you need to copy crack file to the game folder (mod apk don't need this).

Cheats using instructions

Learn how to use online cheats and downloaded mod apks

If you downloaded mod apk use it similar to online version, but there you don't need to get verification in every use


Select your device for using cheat

Please make sure you selected your device


Select amount of Resources (gold, gems etc)

Make sure you select how many resources you want to be added to your account.


Select special resources for the game

Make sure you select the any of the special resources you would like to receive.


Input your google, iOS or Facebook e-mail

Please make sure you have the correct email you want the hack to be applied to.


Get and enter your 'Unique Key' for verification

Get 1 'Unique Key' and enter in the given field to finalize the process (this is to prevent abusers and automated bots to leech our site), resources request will be added to your account in just few minutes.

About Game Cheats

What is this Game hack mod apk about?

game cheats

As we wrote at the beggining we are group of people loving game. We'd like to share our games and cheats with you. Every hack is made by us and all rights belong to us. We make updates every time game is updating so you don't need to afraid if it's working. It's a pleasure that you are our guest and you like to download game or use hack.

Why are we doing this?

We just like it. We don't earn much on this staff, we earn only on advertisments which you see on the website and during human verification. We also know that you don't like this verification, but trust us. If you don't provide this solution our servers could be dead in moment.

Are these hacks and mod apk safe?

Yes, they  are safe. Look, we never ask you for your account passwod. The script uses only account email. Every game that you want to hack has account, every account has email, so your game resources are connected with your account. It's easy to understand that it's the way to transfer generated gems, gold etc to you game account via data like email, don't need any password. So remember, if anybody ask you for password he want to cheat you!

Contact us

Just write us on e-mail:

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Feedback from our users



Download and it works! Very thank you!


Game player

I had a little trouble at first, but the 2nd time it worked and every time since. Thanks guys!


Love this game!

I just received 100K Cash and I'm coming for more! lol

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question?.

A. This hack is one in every of the primary on-line hacks for Game ever! No transfer necessary, this hack takes place within the browser, not like most alternative hacks that area unit presumably an epidemic. With our on-line app, you'll add as several resources as you wish. you'll run this hack once on a daily basis, thus take care to marker this page for your daily dose of Game hack.

A. The script works like this [note: this whole method takes place within the background whereas the hack is working]: initial, we have a tendency to login to at least one of our dummy accounts. we have a tendency to produce thousands of dummy accounts each day simply to form certain we do not run out. With this dummy account we have a tendency to run some 'magic' that enables US to duplicate in-game resources/currencies. This code is closed supply thus please do not message US asking to shop for it! Then, we have a tendency to send you the number of Cash & Coins you entered within the hack. Since the accounts square measure already created, this method solely takes concerning 20-30 seconds.

A. Nope. we do not fire your arcanum and you do not transfer something, straightforward as that. Our sponsor affiliates square measure provided by one hundred legitimate selling firms operational within the us and Europe.

A. Nope. Our affiliates United Nations agency run the human verification don't spam your email, or use your email for different functions. It's there simply to act as a third-party human authentication API to assist United States of America block out bots that would hurt our servers.